Estate Sales On Site

We advertise the sale, place directional signs on roads, setup the home for maximum display, price items before sale, record sales (general description and price), and remove all items from home after sale.  The sale will be 1-3 days depending on size of the estate.  We will sell any remaining items at an upcoming Gallery Auction.  Any items that cannot be sold will be donated to a charity organization.

Probate Liquidation

Upon the death of a family member, we can work with the family and their attorney to liquidate the assets of the deceased on behalf of the family.  We can do this thru estate sales on site, and estate auctions.

Business Liquidation (Complete; Inventory Closeout; or Downsizing)

Whether you are going out of business, retiring, downsizing, or need to get rid of excess inventory and assets, we can liquidate for you.

Estate Auctions

We can do the auction on site to sell everything in a short period of time (3-4 hrs).  We will advertise, setup the home for auction, and record sales (general description and price).  All items will be sold.

Private Sales

Don’t want the hassle of selling, appraising, dealing with the public, or losing time trying to liquidate your finer estate items? Let us sell for you privately thru our network of buyers and collectors who pay top dollar. Contact us for more details.

Gallery Auctions (consignments)

You can bring us items that you would like to sell at our gallery auctions and we will sell it!  Antiques, collectibles, sports memorabilia, art, jewelry, US gold & silver coins, foreign coins, knives, ammo, guns, tools, vehicles, motorcycles, boats, etc.  You name it, we can sell it.  We do reserve the right to turn down items at our discretion.

Equipment & Livestock Auctions

We can auction off any equipment you have and livestock at your place.

Bankruptcy Liquidation

We can liquidate assets that have to be sold to satisfy the courts in a bankruptcy.